This is a clip from the movie "Into The Wild" (Bases on a true story). Christopher McCandless (The main character) talks about his experience of the sea. I really related to it and the way he describes that the only gift you get from the sea are "harsh blows, and occasionally the chance to feel strong".

I think much like life we are constantly faced with obstacles but it's when we over come those obstacles that we actually feel strong and it is more important that we FEEL strong than to be strong.

There is so much power in feeling strong it gives you the courage to take on the next obstacle and the confidence to do anything.


04/18/2013 11:15pm

Hi Mamta, your thoughts of Urban jungle vs the real jungls are so true and yet we keep using this term. I think the only reason it's called the urban jungle is the density of trees, plants, vegetation all cramped close together in the real jungle being compared to the concrete, bricks, buildings, houses, tarmac etc also cramped close together in the Urban jungle. and you right as far as people and animals are concerned (in both jungles) there is no comparision


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